Dec. 31st, 2036 09:40 pm
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Listen, I'm a busy guy, I can't be hanging around here all the time. I mean, do you know how much shit Marvel has me appearing in? There's the comics, the games, the cartoons, and now the best movie ever - I SMELL FRANCHISE - so leave a message. I'll get back to you. Or I won't. I don't know if I've paid the bill on this thing.


Dec. 30th, 2036 09:44 pm
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Hi there! So this is where you leave messages telling me how amazing I am, and how much you want to sleep with me, have my babies, give me all your money and worldly belongings... You know, the usual type of worship nerds give to the costumed hunks with great asses in red spandex. But watch what you say, otherwise me, Bea, and Arthur will have to come looking for ya. You don't want that now, do you?

That's me and Bea. Ain't she great?
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Saw the Movie. This Happened.

Excuse you 'this'?! I am more than just a 'this', missy, I am the best damn superhero out there right now, with the best movie EVER. Which we are not going to spoil because I want to beat the Avengers box office records. Then maybe FOX will do that deal with Marvel and I'll get to be in the MCU. If Spidey can be there, I can too! I'm ten times more awesome than that kid, anyway. Does he have badass guns? No.

... Though he's getting all rebooted again. If they reboot me and take away my baby mama, I will... write a strong letter about how unfortunate I find this matter, and that I would like them to change their minds.

What? Of course I'm not going to swear - there's all these little kid characters running around and I'm not being the one to blame for exposing their minds to warped delusions of the shit hole world we live in, okay? They've got that fuckin' mess to deal with, let's keep it PG up in here. (Not in the movie though, let's go for the hard R... what do you mean it's only a 15 in the UK? Seriously? ... I gotta move myself to Engerland.)

But yeah, you knew this was coming. I'm awesome, how could it not happen. Bow at my feet, Mundane, I'll even let you kiss 'em.

No tongue.

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